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Website Scan & Protect

Website Scan & Protect

Find and Fix Online Business Threats

Proactively detect website threats that can harm your visitors and customers. Our scanning technology is designed specifically for small and midsize companies that rely on their websites for their business. SiteLock® scans your site for malware injections, website vulnerabilities, and other threats to your online business.


Daily Malware Scan

SiteLock's® malware scanning checks your website each day for risks, and validates them to ensure they are real threats. This early warning system helps you steer clear of search engine blacklisting, saving your business’s reputation and SEO positions.

Application Scanning (Premium only)

Outdated or vulnerable applications are the most popular way for criminals to gain access to your website and data. Scanning checks all of your programs to verify that they are up-to-date and free of vulnerabilities.

Secure Malware Alert & Removal Tool: SMART (Premium only)

If malware is detected, SMART can automatically remove it so that your website maintains a safe and secure environment for your visitors.

Business Validation

Verify your business email, phone number, and address to give customers the confidence that they can reach you in the case of any question or concern.

File Change Monitoring

Deep website scans tell you when any file on your website changes, giving you full visibility to all of the activities on your site.

Verifiable Trust Seal

Display the SiteLock® Secure Seal on your website. Displaying this badge shows visitors that your site is verified to be safe by the leader in website security.

Database Protection (Premium only)

Protect your website from SQL injection. SQL injection gives hackers access to your website and customer database. SiteLock® probes your website just like a hacker would to find weak spots.

Daily FTP Scanning (Premium only)

Daily FTP scanning detects website issues from the inside-out, as well as from the outside-in, identifying any modifications or defacements made on your website, along with any malicious or suspicious files.

Compatible With Any Host Environment

360-Degree scanning technology is all cloud-based and can begin scanning your site as soon as we know your domain. No need to install anything and saves site bandwidth.

Reputation Management

Protect your website from landing on search engine and website blacklists with monitoring and reputation management. Make sure your communications reach your customers!

1-Click Trust Seal Install

Let customers know that their information is safe with the trusted SiteLock® seal.

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