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About Us

About RSolutions

RSolutions started off as an IT Solutions provider in Bangalore, India, in January 1999, in a modest way, and has grown steadily since then foraying into various domains like Custom Software Development, E-Commerce, Customer Relationship Management, Multimedia, Portals and Web-applications Development.

RSolutions was established by Badal Raja, having a prior experience of working with Technology companies. The company was created with the objective of providing optimized and cost-effective IT solutions, and committed to putting a smile on our customers' faces. That's why our brand's mission statement reads as: Your Requirement Our Commitment. Our long-term vision is to bridge the gap between Technology capabilities and User experience.

RSolutions has been increasingly working with the latest and leading-edge technologies. This has been instrumental in the company evolving from a provider of packaged solutions for SMEs, to developing solutions for high-technology companies and new market segments. Some of them being: distribution, business automation, and B2B, B2C e-Commerce. Having implemented more than 1200 projects since its inception, RSolutions is poised for growth into newer horizons and ensuring premium services to its growing list of clients.

RSolutions has combined technology expertise with innovation, and caters to multinational corporations, large and medium sized organizations, and the domestic market - providing value-added, and innovative IT solutions in a dynamic business environment.

At RSolutions, it is a perennial commitment to ensure clients are not just 'satisfied' but also 'delighted'. Because, we believe, that is what will help us achieve excellence in what we do and raise the bar for employees, consultants, vendors and other stakeholders in our business.


Our service offerings are diverse and cater to various industry verticals such as Education, Manufacturing, Fashion, Telecommunication Services, among others. Our consulting engagements vary from a few person-months of effort to as many as several person-years of effort. We believe we have made a mark on the ever-changing IT landscape.

We hope this website gives you a broad view of our capabilities and helps create a new and long standing business relationship.

Mission & Vision

Your Requirement, Our Commitment

The mission statement Your Requirement, Our Commitment reflects RSolutions's long-term vision and commitment to bridge the gap between Technology capabilities and User Experience.

RSolutions will strive relentlessly to achieve this, by:

  • Keeping its clients on the leading edge of Information Technologies that add significant value to their business.

  • Creating a long-term relationship with every partner by combining innovative and cost-effective solutions, with a solid base in support and maintenance.

  • Educating every client and helping them to quickly adapt their business models to new opportunities available through the Internet.

  • Constantly adapting and broadening its range of services to reflect future needs of customers.

  • Closely listening to clients'/customers' requirements and provide customized and optimized solutions that will delight them.

Business Philosophy

RSOLUTIONS aims to thoroughly understand our client's industry, offerings and business models, in order to establish clear and reasonable goals and objectives, for creating innovative, cost-effective and scalable solutions for their organization. From non-profit organizations to large corporates, we have the expertise and capability to develop solutions that are uniquely suited to their Business goals as envisaged by their Business Plans.

This way, RSOLUTIONS will strive to integrate the solution into the organization's business model and maximize return on their IT investments.

We Strive For Our Customer Delightment

Management Team

RSolutions team of dedicated and focused individuals is an eclectic mix of self-made individuals and industry professionals with both functional expertise and domain exposure. The team comprises of young and energetic individuals who are motivated by new challenges and aspire to build a company known for creating customer delight.

Mr. Badal Raja

Co-Founder | Managing Director | CEO

Badal Raja founded RSolutions in 1999 with an objective of providing optimized and cost- effective IT solutions to its clients and putting a smile on their faces. His acumen, experience and understanding of diverse markets and his style of leadership, which blends empowerment with accountability, enables innovation and foster excellence. He has a long-term vision for the company which has helped RSolutions expandinto new horizons.

Badal’s in-depth understanding of the Indian markets and its behaviour has helped customers to achieve top line growth and bottom line improvements. Badal’s technical and managerial achievements have been honored and recognized by the industry and business leaders.

The company has been received the “Business Excellence Award for the most promising Web development company”  for two consecutive years.

Ms. Shikha Badal

Executive Director

Apart from holding the vital portfolio of Executive Director, Mrs. Shikha Badal is also the co-owner of RSolutions Global. As an integral part of the company, Shikha’s contribution involves design of the overall business strategy, and providing inputs for operational excellence.

She also has flair for creative designing and teaching and a passion for Indian Folk Arts. She promotes the folk arts through her website www.indianfolkarts.com


We are proud of our Acheivements

Award Video

One of Our Proud Moment



  • Assessment of the Client's Needs.

  • Focus on Target Audience.

  • Measuring Constraints (like time or costs).

  • Studying Technology Compatibility with Clients’ Business Models.

  • Exploring Technology Options.

  • Devising a business compatible plan and implementation.

Project Management

Step-by-step co-ordination of the assigned Project throughout the implementation period, to prevent delays.

Providing reports to keep the clients in the loop and facilitate monitoring of the project status by the clients.

Pre-Production & Design (example - Web applications)

Setting goals and creating a plan - Begin design process: Clients to choose color and font options, make recommendations, have an option for inserting current marketing collateral into the web design, finalizing the color and font scheme, developing Graphic compositions.

Intuitive Navigation

RSolutions ensures an effective and highly intuitive navigation system built on a hierarchical system is used in order to facilitate a comfortable user experience irrespective of the clients’ complex solution architecture.

Graphic Compositions

RSolutions provides as many compositions as the clients require, specific to the budget. We normally produce two designs per template. Based on the client’s feedback, we modify the composition as needed. After another round of feedback we normally have a finalized and approved composition ready for production on HTML.

HTML Production

RSolutions production team takes the Graphic Composition and builds XHTML templates, using the most current standards of the W3C. Your XHTML templates look just like the Graphic Compositions but are re-sizeable and look good in all the major browsers. Your navigation system and other objects in your site can be supported by JavaScript to enable a nice look and feel. Cascading Style Sheets are used to give your text the right look in terms of aesthetics and legibility.

Web/Enterprise Solution Build Out

RSolutions takes the approved XHTML templates and uses the layout to build additional text pages to be used for back-end programming and scripting.

Back-end Programming

RSOLUTIONS then works with you to develop back-end programming and scripting that fits within your budget, varying from simple HTML/VB/Java scripts to simple or complex ASP/ASP.NET/VB/ HTML5/MDB/SQL/Oracle database applications. In short, we partner with you to provide the best and most cost-effective solutions. Many clients require custom solutions as well, that must fit into their budgetary constraints.

Deployment, Testing, & Launch

In the next stage, RSolutions will deploy your web/enterprise solution(s) on a robust and stable UNIX/Linux/NT/2000 server and set up any supporting technologies that you need, like email. RSolutions will then thoroughly test your web/enterprise solution(s) and simulate high bandwidth loads to make sure that everything is working. Once we've done the QA tests, and the clients have also tested the solution for themselves, we launch your web/enterprise solution(s) to end-users. RSolutions is always at your disposal to support any change requests or in case, something isn't working.


RSolutions is happy to provide ongoing maintenance should you require it. There are various plans that give our clients the peace of mind that their changes can be done within hours, for rush jobs, and within specified times, for normal maintenance work. Others may want to have RSolutions update their content periodically at preset intervals. Either way, we are there to support your needs.

Customer Care

The greatest leverage achieved in a service industry like ours is through building relationships. Strong and lasting relationships are founded on value.

From the initial engagement until the completion of a project is the crucial period of time when a relationship is forged. At the end of this period, the customer is aware in no uncertain terms, of the value contributed by the service. This forms the bedrock on which a long-term relationship is founded. There is no greater joy for us than to see business growth facilitated by the value we offer in our services and grow along with our customers.

We believe that this will be the only sustainable competitive advantage of the future. Therefore, we are committed to relationships and long-term collaborative partnerships. We will be interested in not only building applications, but also managing applications so that our best skills can truly compliment a business.

Industry Verticals


Key focus on manufacturing companies and their processes. Have been catering to End-to-end solutions for couple of manufacturing companies in India.


Focus on providing Online Learning Solutions and other end-to-end services for this industry.


Focus on dealer management solutions of automobile dealers for some of the big brands like Hyundai, Honda, Ford, Maruti, Mercedes, etc.

Retail Industries

Focus on providing Online Learning Solutions and other end-to-end services for this industry.

Business Services

Focus on day-to-day needs and marketing activities.